Adobe Lightroom 5, the Conundrum Literary Press, and Where the Wild Things Are

The new Adobe Lightroom 5 was released for Mac and Windows this morning.  The software includes a number of new features and improvements including an advanced healing brush, upright, radial gradient, smart preview and more.  It’s probably worth the upgrade if you’re already a Lightroom user and is available for $149 or can be included in your Creative Cloud subscription.

Art and literature combine for Conundrum in RiNo on June 14th.  Conundrum will be given a second chance by publisher Caleb Seeling, who bought the printing press in hopes of giving Denver a long overdue literary revolution.  The “coming-out party” will feature the release of three new books of poetry, along with food and art from Converge Denver.

As brilliant as the story Where the Wild Things Are is, it would be nothing without the famous illustrations that accompany it.   New York will now be given the chance to look inside the artistic process taken to create Max and the other wild things (as well as many other storybook characters) from initial sketches to finished products. Children’s book artist, Maurice Sendak, will be featured in an exhibit at the Society of Illustrators in New York starting June 11.


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